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AncestorEbooks applauds Human DNA Research for changing Genealogy Research

(PRWEB) April 09, 2013

According to Lisa Black of the Chicago Tribune News, Genetic testing for genealogists has gone mainstream… (P-5) and both have DNA testing companies though their online websites, and the costs for these tests have been reduced since 2001 until simple Y-DNA12 Male testing at FamilyTreeDNA is only $ 49.

With the affordability of DNA tests, they are being used for more than health purposes such as checking for trends of cancer. Tests for inheritance purposes, whether you are related to American Pioneers or your favorite hero are available, however the most common uses are still for Paternity cases and Criminal Investigations (CSI), concludes AncestorEbooks.

The FamilyTreeDNA company has combined tests such as the Family Finder + mtFullSequence for discovering family lines up to 6 generations back. Such testing removes much of the guesswork out of Genealogy research and provides hope for finding family lines that was nearly impossible before.

The Adoption or Indenture of children from The Children’s Aid Society and New York Foundling Hospital was common between 1853 and 1929 when more than 250,000 children rode the Orphan Trains and were fostered out to families all across the midwest. 30,000 children came from the streets of New York City, usually from emigrants, living hand to mouth after the loss of their parents due to epidemics and the terrible results of poverty, alcohol and drug addictions.

DNA testing results will help pinpoint family surnames and lines where the spelling or even the name itself was changed upon emigrating to America due to illiteracy, spelling and/or pronouncement errors. Whatever the Genealogy roadblock, states AncestorEbooks, it is very possible that DNA testing will remove those stone walls and open up the floodgates of information.

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