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AncestorEbooks Talks on NGS L V Family History Conf and the New Technology for Genealogy Research

(PRWEB) May 11, 2013

AncestorEbooks is talking about the National Geographic Society Family History Conference being held in Las Vegas, packed with events for the avid genealogist. The theme for this week’s conference is Building Bridges. Day one included talks on researching family lines, the Mariachi performance at J.D. Smith Middle School, and question and answer sessions.

Day two included 45 different lectures from the top speakers in Genealogy. []

Last night the NGS Conference was captivated by Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissman Kleins powerful message of hope and humanity followed by a book signing for her memoirs called One Survivor Remembers. []

For Conference attendees AncestorEbooks suggests making use of the following technology to learn, blog, tweet, and share with clients:

Try the iPad app, Snapguide, a free application for iPhone/iPad users. This app provides a simple easy way of creating 60 second videos and sharing with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, or emailing to a client. Full control on all media profile settings such as Email and Push Notifications turning on or off Likes, Followers.

Snapguide is basically an app that creates a framework for discovering, sharing, and even creating how-to guides. [ 1 January 2013]

iTranslate Voice for iPhones provides translation in 15+ languages. Tap a language then record what is needing translated, App automatically starts translating when speaker stops, then translation is spoken aloud and shown in text on screen in the selected language. A great addition to the Free Online Google Translate tool. []

M-DISC by Millenniata, Inc. a global data storage company, created a permanent data backup disc that lasts 1000 years. Since CDs and other digital storage systems begin degrading within 5 years, states AncestorEbooks.

M-DISC is designed to last for up to 1,000 years, which means once written, your documents, data, medical records, photos, and more can be read forever.

Stay connected to the Adobe Creative Cloud [try it at] Genealogists can use the products from the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Extended for a low monthly fee. These products include Photoshop, for photos taken live, and Illustrator, which can move drag, paste layers into montages for sharing.

Remember AncestorEbooks is the first and only Ebook creation website where the family tree gedcom is central to the creative process, where the customer uploads their gedcom from after removing duplications and unnecessary data. The website creates one page for every person in the gedcom file and up to 6 generations back in time and 2 generations forward are displayed in a horizontal family tree with pop-up Tree-lets which show each persons spouses and children.

AncestorEbooks follower, Caroline Pointer and leading Genealogy Researcher, Blogger and Columnist for In2Genealogy and Whats up Genealogy gave an interview of Day 1 of the NGS Conference along Denise Levenick. [Blogs on The Family Curator,] Watch video here.

Additional Technology for Genealogists so far in 2013 are:

The Voice recorder HD 6.2 App from eFusion [] a high quality recorder which is the #1 downloaded voice recording App, received a new version that has recording memory for 21+ hours long and uploading audio files to SoundCloud, Dropbox and sync through iCloud.

The LiveHistory iPad App [] for logging data into a family history gedcom file, works without a network connection, and has a Gedcom import from email, a View-Date for browsing through time with a Time-Slider, with a continuous Ancestry/Descendants scrolling and Freely selectable Ancestry/Descendants scrolling. It has smart data entry for saving places, homes and addresses.

Also, the PhotoCircle App [] which allows pictures to be shared on Facebook and Twitter to a select group of people instead of friends, acquaintances, and public.

AncestorEbooks concludes with a reminder to watch their Twitter page [@AncestorEbooks] for continuing updates on the NGS Conference and New Technology helps for genealogists.

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