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Changes in FamilyTree at Saves 80% of Time wasted on Duplications, States AncestorEbooks

(PRWEB) March 31, 2013

AncestorEbooks points genealogists to Ron Tanner, product manager of the Family Tree on who teaches, Approximately 80% of all research done in Genealogy is duplication. He continues, Family Tree prevents duplication of research by accurately documenting the Genealogy of the world.”(March 28th Ancestry Insider)

AncestorEbooks wholeheartedly agrees with FamilySearch about the wasted hours each genealogist will spend re-researching family history others have already documented. Ron Tanner calls this type of research,Go Fish research which often leads to many more hours spent backtracking and unlinking families after choosing the wrong person as the ancestor of a Family Line. Unlinking removes the names from a Family Tree, however it leaves the unlinked names, dates and connections within the GEDCOM file causing interpretation errors by the software being used to display it.

Spokes-woman, and owner of AncestorEbooks, Cristina Besendorfer, states, “One of the most difficult problems faced while developing AncestorEbooks was singling out the preferred data from unwanted duplicates in GEDCOM files. Removing duplicate names is very time consuming for a genealogist, but essential for the interpretation of information when electronically producing an accurate Family Tree.” provides a unique Ebook for sharing all the stories, certificates (Marriage, Baptism, Death), newspaper articles, videos, audio recordings, and other information genealogists have gathered, organizing each familys unique media and stories into pages created by the Family Tree GEDCOM file. Through changing the focus of the Family Tree to different persons, a multitude of Ebooks can then be created using the same photos and media content.

FamilySearch allows genealogists to document their research as together they create a World Family Tree. rejoices with every process that removes duplication when building a Family Tree. Declaring that by connecting a Family Line with a World Family Tree genealogists can spend more time documenting the heart and soul of Genealogy; the life stories, happenings, contributions, and amazing accomplishments of their ancestors.

The changes has made in the Family Tree will quickly be appreciated by genealogists, who will no-longer be wasting, as in Tanner’s words, 80% of all research hours in duplication. concludes that by inviting genealogists to upload six generations (4 up and 2 down) of their family lines, family genealogists can then document their unique family heritage by displaying within the pages created for each person in their Ebook the life stories, certificates (Marriage, Baptism, Death), newspaper articles, videos, audios, and other information via iPad through their one-of-a-kind website. has changed the way Genealogy was painstakingly researched for decades and has provide a fresh new way to share each family’s treasured Family Tree. Genealogy has definitely taken a whole new look and feel.

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