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Do Your Family Roots Include Royalty? – Discover Your Geneology!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to find your family roots? Are you feeling alone and want to find out who your family is, your “genealogy”? There are many sources in which to do that, starting here on the internet and in every library in every county of the United States leading all the way to THE library in Washington, D.C.

Wouldn’t you like to find your roots, you know, the ones that lead you back to your great-great-great-great-you get the picture? Are you wondering what kind of people run in your genes?

I recently asked my mother why she was SO EXCITED about her Genealogy. Do you know what her reply was? “Good heavens! The truth of the matter is I had lost both of my parents and was feeling alone with no family to claim. God Told me to look up my family tree and I just happened to have a book of such origin lying around. I picked up that book, skimmed through it and when I scanned the book in its entirety to my great surprise I found them, those people who bore my name, and they became alive to me. And I not only found SOME people in my family tree, I found out that I had over 16,000 ancestors!

And I thought, I AM NOT ALONE! If I were to begin today and desired to look up my ancestors, that’s where I would begin again.

Since that day, I have been LOOKING! And, some twenty-six years later, after my grandmother died, a Great Aunt and my mother died, it became a great source to relieve my depression.

Because I realized, I was not alone! And it is as if they call out to me and tell me where to find the missing pieces of the puzzlecalled their origin (their place of birth) and their ending (their final resting place). My husband and I have travelled all over the East Coast to libraries, court houses and cemeteries to find “our roots” and “our people” as we call them.

It was an endeavor worth spending hours and hours, days upon days to work on. One positive result was that I was able to write a family tree document for each of my children which allowed one of my daughters through this research to join the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

If you need to find your roots, just start looking. They will find you!

Have you ever wondered if you had famous people that you were descended from?

Who do you belong to? What was your great-grandmother/grandfather like 10 generations ago?

Did you have a President in your background, royalty running in your genes?

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