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Does Rise Against Have Future Plans?

Question by : Does Rise Against Have Future Plans?
Does anyone know what the future plans of Rise Against are after they tour with Rancid this summer? I haven’t heard any plans for a follow up to Appeal for Reason yet, but I liked the new song they recorded (“Death Blossoms”). I hope they don’t break up, Appeal to Reason was amazing! I hope they make another kick ass album.

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Answer by War Hamster
Knowing Rise Against, after their tour with Rancid, they’re probably gonna go on a dozen more tours. I really hope they release a live album, because they’re amazing live. So much energy.

And I agree, Death Blossoms was kind of a nod to their past works, like in Revolutions per Minute (which is my favorite album by them, second being Sufferer and the Witness).

And they’ll never break up haha. They’ll rise to be a punk rock classic, and then, and only when every member of Rise Against dies or something, it’ll be over.

But as long as I have their music, I’ll pass it down to the younger generation, and hope that they’ll get as inspired as I was when I heard their music.

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