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Dont Buy More Stuff: Family History Preservation Company Houstory Launches Holiday Campaign

Ferndale, Wash. (PRWEB) December 06, 2012

Family history preservation company Houstory has kick-started a new marketing campaign, just in time for the holidays. Its name: No More Stuff/Preserve. Conserve.

The company hopes the campaign will help people rethink their relationship with the things they buy and own.

Im sure you know a person (probably more than one) who genuinely appears to have everything they need, said Mike Hiestand, Houstory founder. Both sets of my pre-Boomer parents fall into this category. Often, when you ask what they need from Santa, they honestly, sincerely and kindly tell you nothing. Because the truth is, we all reach a point some much sooner than others where we really dont need more stuff. But do we listen? No.

Instead, he said, we buy them something they really dont need, or even want.

Buying gifts is simply one of the ways our culture seeks to express love and other feelings during the holiday season, Hiestand said. So, rather than fight that natural desire, we think we have a perfect, outside-the-box and brand new gift idea for 2012 that balances the two sides perfectly. Rather than buying them more stuff, give them something that will help them honor the things they already have.

The Heirloom Registry acts something like a permanent license plate for your stuff, Hiestand said. Anyone with access to an items unique license

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