Q&A: Are social security numbers recycled upon deaths of their owners?

Question by ken: Are social security numbers recycled upon deaths of their owners?

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Answer by Joshua N
They wait until the SSN can be cleared from the person who held it, but eventually yes.

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Need ideas on documents that may have my father’s social security number?

Question by Sofia: Need ideas on documents that may have my father’s social security number?
Currently in ugly inheritance battle with a brother that took my original birth certificate and won’t tell me where my dad is buried. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
My father died in the Dominican Republic (native) but a US citizen

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Answer by coolwoman27
one word…..LAWYER!!! Get one and he’ll advise you on what to do and how to go about getting your inheritance.

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Footnote.com Takes Social Networking into the Past : Footnote.com launches Footnote Pages at TechCrunch50

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) September 10, 2008

Now at Footnote.com, anyone can find or create Footnote Pages, where users connect and share stories, photos, and information about the people important to them.

To kick off the new Footnote Pages, Footnote.com today released over 80 million of these pages created from data from the Social Security Death Index. Most visitors will find existing pages about several deceased friends and family members already on the site.

Footnote.com was selected from over 1,000 applicants to launch Footnote Pages at this year’s TechCrunch50 held in San Francisco. Russ Wilding, CEO of Footnote, demonstrated Footnote Pages to an audience of over 1,500 investors, bloggers, and major media outlets.

“We encourage people to upload their personal shoeboxes of photos and documents to Footnote.com,” explains Wilding. “Now with Footnote Pages, friends and family can come together to share stories and memories about the people they care about.”

Described as Facebook for the Deceased, these pages feature a photo gallery, an interactive timeline and map, and other tools that bring people together to create a more colorful and rich picture of the past. “Social networking is not only for the younger generations any more,” explains Wilding. “We are seeing Baby Boomers contribute and connect online in increasing numbers. Footnote Pages are an easy way for this audience to interact with each other and learn things they would not otherwise know about deceased friends and family.”

Beyond profiling people, Footnote pages can also be used to document and discuss historical events or places including: the Vietnam War, the Assassination of JFK and the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.

Unlike other social networking sites, Footnote.com provides content that enables users to tell and share stories from the past. Through its partnership with the National Archives, Footnote.com has digitized over 43 million documents including historical newspapers, military records, photos and more. Footnote.com adds about 2 million new records to the site every month.

Visit Footnote.com to learn more about Footnote Pages and get a new perspective on the lives of your own friends and family who have passed away.

About Footnote.com

Footnote.com is a history website where real history might just surprise you. Footnote.com features millions of searchable original documents, providing users with an unaltered view of the events, places and people that shaped the American nation and the world. At Footnote.com, all are invited to come share, discuss, and collaborate on their discoveries with friends, family, and colleagues. For more information, visit http://www.footnote.com.

About TechCrunch50

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