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Houstory Publishing: Heirloom Registry Creator Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Ferndale, Wash. and Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 18, 2012

Brothers Mike and Dan Hiestand, owners of Houstory Publishing and The Heirloom Registry, officially opened their doors for business one year ago.

During the past year, they have slowly developed a loyal following of supporters who believe in their mission to preserve and protect the stories behind houses, family heirlooms and cherished belongings, said Houstory Marketing Director Dan Hiestand.

After a year in business, I believe in two things more than ever: historical preservation, and conservation, said Hiestand in an article published on the company blog, The Houstory Hearth. What we do is steeped in these concepts. My belief is this: The more people know about something, whether a house or a family heirloom, the more likely they will take care of it. This means the priceless stories and histories, as well as the physical materials, wont just be discarded with trash. These are the things that drive me.

Starting a business with your brother — who is also your best friend — has also been a lot of fun, said Hiestand.

Essentially, our roles are these: He is the visionary. I am the implementer. This arrangement has actually turned out to be a great match, Hiestand wrote in the blog. You never know what its like working with a best friend or a family member until you do it. Thats not to say it hasnt been an at-times stressful year, or an experience filled with steep learning curves and unforeseen circumstances. But, looking back at how far weve come, it feels darn good to know we made the right decision (to work together).

To see a photographic timeline of the brothers first year in business, visit the Houstory Hearth blog at


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