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How To Locate People Part 5

How To Locate People Part 5 There is information out there on just about everyone, whether a long lost friend from high school, or long lost part of family history from the 19th century. Do a Google search on the name. Check several people search engines. There are a few search engines that fine-tune regular results to focus on people-finding. Don’t forget the phone book. The beauty of online searching is that there are now national and international phone books. Try Google News. If your person was mentioned in the news, then a search of news past and present may well turn up the name. The Social Security Death Index has records of 82 million US deaths since 1963. Unless you’re sure you’re looking for someone who is still alive, SSDI is a good place to search. Use social networking sites. Most of the people-information on the various “friends” sites on the internet will show up in a regular Google search, but they can easily get lost. Head directly to MySpace or Facebook to see if your person is listed and pay attention to some of the advanced search functions offered. Also search on Google Groups, and BlogSearch to unearth even more results. Use family history databases. The internet has a huge directory of ancestry resources for people searching in the past and present. Explore Public records. If you know a city or county where your person lives, then public records are another resource. I found this amazing website that allows you to locate people easily. All you have to do

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