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If someone has a “death record” on, does that necessarily mean they’re dead?

Question by Robert: If someone has a “death record” on, does that necessarily mean they’re dead?
This morning, as I have many times before, I did a search for my old 7th grade history teacher from 14 years ago (96-97), only to be redirected to a page demanding my Credit Card Number which I shall not give! They promised a “free trial,” but I didn’t even attempt to proceed because I’m afraid it might not be as “free” as they say it is. But still, I kept searching for records on Ron Kolodzy (as well as Ronald J. Kolodzy and other forms of his name), and it kept telling me the same thing — that he has 1 birth, 1 marriage, 1 divorce, and 1 death record that cannot be accessed without membership to So is there any possibility that this is a mistake or something standard they use to try to hook you? I’ve tried doing similar searches with other names but didn’t find any records in that box. So could you please tell me if it is possible that 53-year-old Ron Kolodzy in Texas, born on April 29th of 1957, is still alive? Is there any hope that he isn’t really dead? And what can I do to find out more information about him if he really is? How do I find-out when he died, what from, and where he’s burried if it turns out to be true that he has passed away?

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Answer by Trinina
When u do searches that result in an immediate response for your credit card info, aren’t technically completing your request.. (so 9 out of 10, it’s just a default response)but maybe you should higher an investigator or try to locate family members to be certain… or look up the obituary in the news paper for that timeframe… wish u luck…

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