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KISSIN KUZZINS: Noted genealogist, author now offers podcasts

Maureen Taylor, noted genealogist and author now has a podcast.
If you sign up or submit questions through that website, you’ll
receive an announcement about accessing the recording on the thank
you page. Here’s what’s changed:

Instead of having to call a conference line at a particular time on
a particular day, you will be able to access the recording on the
web. No more phone charges! No more inconvenient call-in time.
Here’s the best part: It will be free for the first three days.
After that, the recordings will be available through the

The December Podcast is now available. Please visit to see the questions chosen for this
month and listen in. If you have questions you would like to ask of
an expect this is your opportunity. Give it a try.


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An early Nacogdoches obituary:

Thursday, August 15, 1907

“Fatal Accident

“Frank Hanks Killed by His Horse Falling on Him

“While out on Mound street, making a delivery of medicine for the
Weeks Drugs Company, Frank Hyde Hanks, 16-year-old son of Mr. And
Mrs. J. Y. Hanks, met his death last night.

“Frank had been sent out about 7 o’clock with a package of medicine
for Mr. Fletcher, who resides at the C.E. Davis place on Mound
street, but through mistake carried it to another house farther up
the street. When he returned to the drug store his mistake was
discovered, and he was sent back to correct it.

“He had gotten the package of medicine and was returned to Mr.
Fletcher’s with it. He was riding quite fast, and at a point just
opposite the residence of G.C. Choate, his horse, a splendid little
animal, stumbled and fell.

“Frank was picked up in a dying condition and carried into the
residence of Mr. Choate and physicians were hastily summoned, who
on examination found that the back of the skull was crushed at the
base of the brain, and he was internally injured about the chest.
The ball of the left eye was burst from its socket. The physicians
saw at once that the injuries were fatal, and nothing could be done
but await the end, which came about 12:30 this morning.

“The body was removed to the home of the parents on Taylor avenue
this morning. This afternoon it was placed on the south bound T
N. O. train and shipped to Woodville, where the funeral will
take place tomorrow.

“Frank was employed by the Weeks Drug Co. As messenger and delivery
boy, and as evidence of the esteem in which he was held by his
employers, the drug store has been closed all day today, and Mr.
And Mrs. Weeks and their son, Mat, accompanied the bereaved family
to Woodville to attend the funeral.

“A pathetic feature of the accident was the fact that the
unfortunate boy was in great haste to make the last delivery in
order to get ready to attend the party with his young friends at
the residence of Judge C. D. Mims, near the place where he lost his

“All the brothers and sisters of the dead boy came in today from
different points in the state in time to accompany the remains to
Woodville for burial, except his brother, Cooper Hanks, who was so
badly injured in a saw mill yesterday at Noble, La. That he was
unable to come.

“The bereaved have the sympathy of the entire community.”

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