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Latest Social Security Death Index News

Expectations overwhelm Egypt's Morsy
Meanwhile, a number of events, such as the recent tragedy involving the school bus crash resulting in the death of some 52 people, the vast majority of whom were children, have also caused considerable angst amongst the people due to the government's …
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Making a case for personal security in the post-2015 development agenda
Lethal violence is an especially powerful index of personal insecurity. A low number of … Violent death is also a “sensitive” measure of personal security, it can change rapidly and also facilitates a granular understanding of who, how, where, and …
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Steve Duin: Ben Alfano is still footing the bill
Alfano's death devastated his five children, four of whom retained Portland attorney Michelle Burrows to initiate a federal civil-rights suit against Farley, Pagnano and individuals at ODVA. How the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs and its muscle …

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