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Legacy Stories Launches New-resident Assimilation Program for Assisted Living and Dementia Facilities

Knoxville, TN (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

The Legacy Matters Welcome Program is a novel marketing opportunity for assisted living and senior care facilities. Not only does the program solve the difficult problem families face when transitioning into a senior care home, but it can be the tipping point when choosing the community in the first place.

The program was created by the family history library as a means to preserve the living history of the 20th century.

The resident and/or family chooses 5 vintage family photos which, in many cases, the people in the photos might as well be strangers to grandchildren and future generations.

The resident’s voice is recorded while describing people and events in the pictures, capturing not only his or her voice but also their personality, dialect & attitude, all to become more precious as the years pass.

The recordings are then preserved in a slideshow format on a 300-year archival DVD and played for neighbors at a “new neighbor welcome gathering.” Residents learn about the new resident in a meaningful and endearing way, making immediate friends.

The “pict-oral” history is also uploaded to the web library where family and friends can add content to help build the resident’s legacy, staying in constant communication with the resident and the facility.

No additional staff is required because a trained Certified Legacy Advisor does all the work including recording, uploading and connecting the family.

“The program costs $ 149 per new resident and is paid for by the facility,” says Dennis Stack, co-founder. “It’s a low cost way to solve a plaguing problem while building intergenerational loyalty with the families. And, from a marketing perspective, the service can be the tipping point when families select their community, resulting in higher conversion rates.”

The program is performed by Certified Legacy Advisors who are specifically trained for this service. Currently, Advisors are located in 43 states and throughout Canada, Australia and England.

“For companies with multiple facility locations where programs must be universally implemented, we can train and deploy Advisors in any and all locations within a reasonable time frame,” states Tom Cormier, co-founder. “We are also offering exclusivity to facilities where competitors have not already implemented the program, a significant marketing opportunity.”

Additional marketing benefits include membership in the International Association of StoryKeepers (I-ASK), a network of Certified Legacy Advisors serving seniors in independent living, hospice and the pre-need funeral and mortuary industries.

Membership includes placement of the facility’s logo on the jewel case cover of the archival DVD and a company profile in the library, which is displayed as a thumbnail photo in each resident’s profile.


Founded in 2009, the web library is the official archive for the Living Legacy Project, whose mission is to collect and preserve the living history of the 20th century and making these stories easily accessible for Genealogy researchers, educators and families all around the globe.

About I-ASK

I-ASK is a network of professional genealogists, estate planners, media digitizing specialists, family and personal historians, dedicated to preserving the memories of families and individuals.

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