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Library expands genealogy resources

The Montgomery County Memorial Library announced March 23 that it has become an affiliate of FamilySearch, allowing people to have greater and easier access to to genealogical resources.

FamilySearch is a repository of genealogical records, amassing birth, marriage, death, census, land and court records from over 130 countries. It is extending its access by circulating microfilms of historical records throughout select public libraries.

“Less than five percent of the world’s genealogical records are available online and most family researchers can not afford to travel to an archive nationally or worldwide to find the historic records they are seeking,” said Paul Mauta, Family search public affairs manager, in a press release. “If FamilySearch has filmed the records they need, then as far as they will need to travel to view them is the Montgomery County Memorial Library”

For more information, visit or the Montgomery County Memorial Library’s Heather Kramer at 936-788-8363 ext. 6259.

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