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Media Overjoyed » Genealogists Link Obama to the First Slave But They Can’t Prove It pt1

News Busters: Romney Aide Admonishes Rude Reporters, NBC Treats It as a Gaffe Mitt Romney Ad: Olympics Rush Limbaugh – Audio: Mitt’s Olympics Ad Annoys Obama Team New York Post: Palestinian Mess: Romney’s Inconvenient Truth AP: Iran’s Ahmadinejad Mocks Romney for ‘Kissing the Foot’ of Israel During Visit Rush Limbaugh – Audio: Romney’s Trip Has Been So Successful, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Endorsed Obama AP: Obama Could Be Descended from African Slave ABC: Obama, Romney Family Trees Hold Slaves, British Country Folk Rush Limbaugh – Audio: Media Overjoyed: Genealogists Link Obama to the First Slave… But They Can’t Prove It ABC: Death Toll from Beijing Rain Rises to 77 Time: After the Beijing Floods, Why Does China Obscure Death Toll Statistics? Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama at Huntsville: One-tenth of humanity is now without electricity Rush Limbaugh – Audio: Cautionary Tale: India Goes Dark Yahoo: Critic of NBC has Twitter Account Suspended After Network Complains UK Daily Mail: Forging of the Mandarin Mermaid: How Chinese Children are Taken Away from Their Families and Brutalised into Future Olympians Rush Limbaugh – Audio: GE’s PC Olympics DittoCam: Twitter Kills Account of NBC Olympics Critic, Spike Lee Still Free to
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