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Search by SSN Part 7 Several options are available for finding people by using their social security number. Many of these options do cost money, but free options are available depending on the type of information being requested. Because a social security number is being used, individuals must use caution to prevent identity theft. Hire a professional investigator service to find the location of a living person. These companies can sometimes get through protective measures better than you can alone. Visit a website that specializes in a reverse searches by using a social security number. These websites do charge a fee but offer an easy way to locate an individual. A Social Security Death Index is a free database search service to find individuals who have passed away and is useful to those doing Genealogy research. Once the search is complete, destroy all information to prevent identify theft. Employee’s must be registered to use the Social Security Number Verification Service. For employers, visit the Social Security Administration website. Their Social Security Number Verification Service is available to employers who want to verify an employee’s social security number. Enter up to 10 names into the database. Results will be available immediately, and it is a good option for those businesses that have a lot of newly hired employees. Notify the Social Security Administration if the social security numbers do not match the employee records. Repeat the process for additional


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