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Stolen Social Security Numbers Used To Commit Tax Fraud

(Jefferson City, MO)–It’s tax filing time.  But for one Missouri family, that yearly chore brought a devastating revelation.  Their son’s Social Security number was stolen and used by identity thieves filing with the IRS.

Joshua Miller was killed in a car crash in 2011.
When his parents filed taxes, his Social Security number was rejected because it had already been used.

They think a thief took information from Joshua’s obituary and found his Social Security number online.

His Social Security number, like everyone else who is deceased, went into the Social Security death index. It’s sold on a subscription basis to anyone.

The Millers are now trying to prove that Joshua is their son.

“This kind of was like having to bury him again,” says Joshua’s father, Jason Miller.  “It brought it all back to light brought all the pain back,” says Jennifer Miller.

The Millers have re-filed their taxes five times and have contacted their Congresswoman and U.S. Senators about the situation.

The Millers say the thieves could get $2,000 to $2,500 in tax credits using their son’s Social Security Number.

There are two pieces of legislation in the Senate to freeze the release of Social Security Numbers for at least two years.

The Millers hope those pass so families don’t have to face this stolen identity and to give them time to grieve.

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