Start Now!The DNA test that tells a more complete story of you., an Online Leader in Helping People with Medical Problems Secure Affordable Life Insurance, Announces New Blog

Pensacola, Florida (PRWEB) November 29, 2011, a national specialty term life insurance brokerage agency, announces a new blog designed to be a comprehensive resource for anyone shopping for life insurance.

The blog addresses everything from answers to general life insurance questions to providing “insider tips” for people with medical conditions trying to find an affordable policy. Categories include term life insurance, universal life insurance, whole life insurance, life insurance underwriting “niches”, life insurance policy riders and life settlements among others.

The blog will provide up to date information and new opportunities to everyone interested in life insurance. Michael Gray, Jr, founder and CEO of MEG Financial, parent company of states, “if you are shopping for life insurance our blog will be a tremendous resource of invaluable information that will help you make the best life insurance policy decision.”

One category that will be especially helpful to life insurance shoppers will be actual “Case Studies” or real life examples of policies that have been negotiated, approved and issued. These “cases studies” will provide insight into what it takes in various circumstances to get the best rates for life insurance. Specific examples include common but serious medical issues like heart disease, diabetes and prostate cancer. Additionally, special underwriting exceptions are also covered including hazardous sports or hobbies such as scuba diving and piloting as well as foreign travel and family history issues.

About is a owned by MEG Financial, a national online specialty life insurance brokerage agency located in Pensacola Florida. is an online authority on everything you need to know about life insurance and specifically term life insurance. The site offers exhaustive resources on the basics of life insurance, specialty life insurance for pilots and scuba divers, business life insurance including key man insurance and most importantly life insurance for people who have medical conditions. was first published on the Internet in 2001.

MEG Financial is a Florida based corporation that provides life insurance and financial services consulting to individuals and businesses in 50 states. We represent over 80 of the nations highest rated and most respected life and disability insurance companies. Our primary areas of expertise include term life insurance, universal life, disability income insurance, in-force policy review, insuring tough health issues, business insurance including business succession and key man life and disability insurance, as well as estate planning.

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