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The joy of Genealogy and family history

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You’ve got to try this. You may have been to the FamilySearch site before, but what they are working on is truly wonderful. I’m talking about access to copies of free original Genealogy records – and you’ve got to see their new search interface. Very, very nice. Try your own Genealogy and family tree searches just like the example in this video shows, and be sure to save the copies of the original records that you find. This is happening in part (a large part) because of “thousands of volunteers around the world who are helping to make more free records available online through FamilySearch Indexing.” You will see links asking for volunteer “Indexers” on the Pilot site. I imagine many of Treasure Maps readers are involved with this already. The FamilySearch, Record Search – Pilot Site, is only going to get better and better. And bless all of you volunteers. Good luck 😉 Robert

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