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Victoria County Genealogical Society

The Victoria County Genealogical Society met Sept. 10 with Kenneth Booth, president, calling the meeting to order. Minutes and treasurer reports were read and approved. All standing committees gave reports. There was some discussion about the seminar which will take place Oct. 20 at the Victoria College and will be given by Martha Jones, who is an expert in genealogy. Registration is requested and a box lunch will be provided. This will be very educational for those interested in genealogy.

This evening’s program was presented by Kenneth Booth. He asked members to tell their story about how they started finding information about their families. There were many interesting places people went to find information while finding people that were related to them. What we learned from this was that everyone should keep a journal about themselves and their family. It doesn’t have to be fancy; a spiral note book is fine. Jot down things like size, hair color, eye color, whether you wear glasses, where you have worked, tell about your hobbies, etc. How do you get around? Do you have a car or use public transportation? Tell where you went to school and anything that would give someone an idea of what life was like during your time here. Some of these items don’t sound important, but some day to a great-great-grand child doing a family tree, it would be a pleasure to have this journal with these bits of information.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 8 at the First Christian Church Fellowship Hall, 2105 Ben Jordan St. The topic will be brick walls. When we have looked and looked and can’t seem to go any further with our research, we call it a “Brick Wall.” Bring your Brick Wall to the next meeting and we will try to help you. Members are encouraged to attend and visitors are always welcome. If you have any questions, call Louise Browning at 361-782-2171 or Kenneth Booth at 361-575-7584.

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