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Web-isode 7 – How to Put YOur Family Surname Files to Work.MP4

In this video I am going to show you what I do with my files and how I put them to work. Every research has a site they trust. For me, I love I don’t like the family tree maker version and I will tell you why later. For now I am going to explain the files system. I am going to open my account and select the source of information I want to put into my file system. So my father passed away many years ago and I am going to open up his name and I am going to click on his source of information which is the . Once I open that up I am going to select the print view version so you don’t have any unnecessary things on your document that is annoying. Then I will click on the file menu and select the PDF box again and save the file as… and I would open my family history folder and go to the surname folder and open my father’s folder. If i haven’t’ created one for him yet, I will create a new folder and then put the file in his folder. I name my files by the last name of my ancestors like: Suda, Joseph A. 1990 Social Secuirty Death Index – New York. or Martin, Matthew 1920 US Census – Manhattan, New York, New York for example.
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