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Where are the 9/11 Victims?

********************************************************** NOTICE: This video was originally titled: “The Social Security Death Index and the 9/11 Victims ” This video was recently sited in a news article( where the reporter gave the title as “Where are the 9/11 Victims?”(from the opening caption). -hence the title change. ********************************************************** Everyone I know who has passed away appears in the index, even people under age 65. Try it yourself. You can arbitrarily call up the reported deaths for any number of days to get an average. When I did a search on multiple random days for New York in the year 2001 the average was around 400. I know that a handful of 9/11 victims do appear in the index but why only so few. 3000 supposedly died and a majority must have resided in New York. This a glaring omission by anyone’s reckoning. Question: If the SSDI is so unreliable, as conspiracy deniers clam, why would genealogists and biographers use it as a tool? From Wikipedia: The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is a database of death records created from the United States Social Security Administration’s Death Master File Extract. Most persons who have died since 1962 who had a Social Security Number (SSN) and whose death has been reported to the Social Security Administration are listed in the SSDI. For most years since 1973, the SSDI includes 93 percent to 96 percent of deaths of individuals aged 65 or older.[1


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