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Find out more information on the 15th Anniversary of on Facebook: Griffith’s Valuation, indexed with images in this database, is one of Ireland’s premier genealogical resources, referencing approximately one million individuals who occupied property in Ireland between 1848 and 1864. Griffith’s Valuation, or Primary Valuation of Ireland, was executed under the direction of Sir Richard Griffith to provide a basis for determining taxes. This involved establishing the value of all privately held lands and buildings in both rural and urban areas in order to figure a rental rate for each unit of property. The resulting survey was arranged by barony and civil parish, with an index to townlands appearing in each volume. The original volumes of the survey are held in the National Archives, Dublin, and Public Record Office, Belfast. Griffith’s Valuation is an invaluable reference for family historians with ancestors in Ireland in part because no census material from the nineteenth century has survived. In effect, because it is the only detailed guide to where in Ireland people lived in the mid-nineteenth century and what property they owned or leased, Griffith’s Valuation serves as a census substitute for the years before, during, and after the Great Famine. Griffith’s Valuation is also a valuable record of social and economic data and includes map reference numbers that can help researchers identify and perhaps locate property on Ordinance Survey maps

Gene C. Leonhardt, father of Jessi Slaughter, has died, only a year after he became an Internet sensation for his backtracing ways. Mr. Leonhardt died of a heart attack. No word yet whether it was rage-induced. His death has been reported in two newspapers in West Virginia, which is somewhat odd because he lived in Florida. His death has also been reported by his wife Dianne on Facebook. And his death has been confirmed by the funeral home at Official death listing at (from the US Government’s Social Security Death Index) http Gene C. Leonhardt BORN: September 3, 1957 DIED: August 11, 2011 RESIDENCE: Dunnellon, FL Obituary Gene C. Leonhardt, 53, of Dunnellon died Aug. 11, 2011, at home. Condolences may be made to Roberts Funeral Home, Dunnellon. Obituary Links [these links have expired!] Obituary Guestbooks [these links have expired!] Dianne’s Facebook Dianne Leonhardt “To all my Family and facebook friends, My husband Gene died very unexpected on thur. moring of a massive heart attack. I want to thank everyone for there kind words and prayers . this is a very hard time for myself and his daughter Jessica Thank-you again – God Bless” By coincidence, Jessi had her friend upload this apology video on the same day her father died: “Jessi Slaughter Apologizes [2011]”
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