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CereScan Adds Dr. Sheryl Gonzalez-Ziegler PhD and Dr. Michael Stone MD, to Accommodate Medical Outreach Programs

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 16, 2012

CereScan, a Denver-based brain imaging and DaTscan Center of Excellence of recently contracted two additional physicians to bolster their outreach efforts into the medical community. CereScan specializes in diagnostic brain imaging for a wide array of disorders including: Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers Disease, ADD-ADHD, Bipolar, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Dr. Sheryl Gonzalez-Ziegler PhD, is the founder and managing director of The Child & Family Therapy Center at Lowry. She is a Counseling Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado. As a member of the Colorado Association for Play Therapy and the American Psychological Association, she started the Spousal Forum for the Colorado chapter of Entrepreneur Organization (EO).

Dr. Ziegler believes first and foremost in a systemic approach to healing children and families. She addresses issues surrounding nutrition, exercise, prenatal history, early childhood history, physical and mental health family history, support systems, medications and more. Her approach is strength based and family centered meaning that all of the focus is not on what is going wrong but rather building upon what is going right. Her personal style is honest, dynamic and gets to the root of the challenges. Her techniques come from evidenced based practices from several health related fields including brain based research of development and trauma and the impact these life events have on all aspects of the life span. She also incorporates science and philosophy for achieving mind and body health through thoughts, insight, awareness, relaxation and wellness.

Lastly, Dr. Ziegler most recently joined CereScan, a high definition neuroimaging company, as a senior advisor. In this capacity she is responsible for bridging physicians and brain diagnostics to better aid in evaluation, symptom diagnosis and care.

Dr. Michael Stone MD, originally from Holyoke, Massachusetts obtained is doctorate degree in medicine from the Medical College of Virginia, and performed his fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Stones experience includes an eight year service in United States Navy, and more recently served as shareholder and staff radiologist for Diversified Radiology of Colorado. His strong background in neurosciences and clinical experience with PET/CT systems provides CereScan with additional expertise in those modalities. His professional interests includes all areas of traumatic brain injury, with an emphasis in blast wave brain injury among veterans and mild traumatic brain injury-post concussive syndrome seen predominantly in athletic concussions.

” CereScan is state of the art, said Dr. Stone of why involved himself with CereScan, I have been a proponent of functional imaging since my training and getting involved in the cutting edge of research, diagnosis, and treatment of central nervous system injury, diseases of aging and neuro-psychiatric disorders is truly exciting.

Dr. Ziegler and Dr. Stone join CereScan to work in specific areas of brain bases disorders and diagnostics and are focused in providing patients who seek CereScans help with the utmost level of care. Dr. Ziegler is an affiliate professor at the University of Northern Colorado, is an ongoing contributor to Fox 31 news, WebMD, and Health & Wellness Magazine.

About CereScan Corp.

CereScan combines state-of-the-art SPECT brain imaging technology with a patient centered model of care to provide the highest level of neuro-diagnostics available. Using high definition functional brain imaging, industry leading image reconstruction software, and an extensive library of clinical data, the CereScan medical team provides physicians with unmatched objective diagnostic information. CereScan helps patients and their physicians, counselors and families to better understand the biological bases of their conditions and disorders. For more information visit

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