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GBC Ghana The Web

GBC Ghana The Web
It says the painful death of the four is an indication of the failure of religious leaders to guide the ministry of God away from those who are taking advantage of the vulnerable to lead God's people astray. It thinks government has failed to provide …
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Sailors Prove They're 'A Global Force for Good' in Farah Province
Although security operations are critical to stability in Afghanistan, they must be followed by civil services, responsive systems and effective government. Essentially, this is what the … The Farah judicial sector was a shining example of how a poor …
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Risky behaviour starts young on web: survey
The report "Tweens, Teens and Technology" by online security company McAfee found that children in the tweens age category of eight to 12 were adopting technology faster than expected, with 67 percent using a social media website. Despite the age …
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