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Genealogy Today: Classes another learning tool for basic research

In January I will teach a course in Genealogy Basics through Green
Valley Recreation.

I am excited about this class for several reasons. First, GVR
classes are no longer offered exclusively to members, but also to
the public for a slightly increased tuition. Second, since wireless
computer access is available, I’ll be able to demonstrate use of
various genealogy websites rather than just tell about them.

In addition, if a student has a laptop, it may be brought to class
and the student can follow along on the website at the same time.
Showing and actually doing something is always more effective than
just listening to how it’s done.

It will be necessary for students to be computer literate, as there
won’t be time to demonstrate how to use a mouse, what a search
engine is, or how to navigate from one web page to another.

So if you’ve always wondered “who you are,” this class is for

The course is geared to beginners, as well as students who would
like to brush up their skills or learn more about the opportunities
for research on the Internet.

Beginners will learn how to start researching their family the
right way with the help of their computer, learning the pitfalls of
Internet research at the same time. When the course ends, even a
beginner will have some family history completed.

Classes begin on Jan. 10, 2012 at 9 a.m. and meet for two hours
each Tuesday through the end of January. The same classes will be
repeated again in March. Tuition is $65 for GVR members and $75 for
non-members with a maximum material fee of $8. All classes will be
held in GVR’s Las Campanas Center in the Ironwood Room.

The course is in the GVR 2011-2012 Winter Catalog online at

Class details are on page 44 and registration information is on
pages 7 and 8.

Registration opens on Dec. 12. Non-member registration opens Dec.
27, two weeks prior to the course start date.

Among the topics to be covered, in addition to how to get started,
are using electronic databases, various records used in research,
use of evidence and sources, organizing your research, getting the
most out of census records, selecting genealogy software, finding
and connecting with others researching your family, and evaluating
information found on the web.

Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, a
genealogy class has something for everyone.

In a class, visual learning is provided by handouts and the Power
Point presentation. Auditory learning is provided by the teacher
presenting and explaining research concepts, and by answering
students’ questions. Finally, kinesthetic learning will come
through hands-on computer experience and assignments to do at home
and bring to the next class for discussion.

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about your family history or
just need a jump start to continue on your way, think about joining
this class. You won’t be sorry.

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Betty Lou Malesky, Certified GenealogistSM, is a past president
of Green Valley Genealogical Society. Contact her at or visit the society’s website at


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