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History Timeline Turns Genealogy Buffs and Family Historians into Nostalgic Storytellers

Winfield, IL (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

Ancestry Graphics & Printing announces the release of a new U.S. history timeline written for Genealogy buffs and family historians. Cheryl Spiegel, co-author describes their decision to write the timeline in the following way. “So youre doing research on your grandmother and you finally have all of her pertinent birth, marriage and death information, but what else did you discover about her life? Knowing her facts is essential for all family historians, but understanding what life was like for her is equally important and is the secret ingredient that fuels really great storytelling about her life.”

“Obviously there was no Internet, cell phones or MP3 players when grandma was growing up” Spiegel said, “and she didnt even have a snooze alarm or sliced bread from the store when she was young either. So what did grandma have and when did she have it? What else was going on in the world that shaped grandmas life?”

Family tree chart printing company Ancestry Graphics & Printing is endeavoring to answer these questions and more in their newly released U.S. History Timeline – Volume 4, which provides genealogists and family historians with a glimpse of what life was like in the past. Covering the years 1910 to 2011, Volume 4 is definitely a nostalgic view of history for readers of all ages because everyone can relate to some part of it. For each of the 102 years included, there are twelve subjects covered including what historical, cultural, financial and military events were occurring; and what inventions, conveniences and advances in communication, medicine and transportation were taking place and shaping everyone’s lives.

According to co-author Larry Spiegel, family historians who are really great storytellers love to have an endless arsenal of colorful and interesting information that they can easily weave into the fabric of the subject matter they love talking about most – Genealogy. As avid family historians and storytellers themselves, Larry and his wife Cheryl included the types of information and events that other family members find the most fun, useful and interesting. According to Spiegel, “It’s not just information; it’s history in perspective to other events that were shaping life at the same time.”

Spiegel said, “Very few of us have the luxury of time to read all of the history books necessary to get the basic answers that we’re really in search of as genealogists and family historians. And with the fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in, its easy to be amazed at all of the facts and events that we never knew or have long since forgotten. Having an easy-to-understand history timeline that is laid out chronologically and includes the most meaningful highlights across a broad spectrum of subject matter helps put history in perspective to our ancestors’ lives”.

From their own personal experiences, they both agree that there is nothing more gratifying and heart-warming than hearing your children or grandchildren say, “I want to be as good of a storyteller as you are when I grow up.” They went on to say, “Like hugs and kisses, it’s impossible to put a value on those few precious words and the feelings they evoke when you hear them, but in the end, that’s what counts the most.”

U.S. History Timeline – Volume 4 is available in three different digital PDF and print formats including standard PDF book layout. The content of each version is identical. For those interested in a breath-taking view of history at a glance, the printed chart version measures a full 2 feet tall by 16 feet wide. Volumes 1-3, which will cover the years 1607 through 1909 in 100 year increments, will be released at a later date. Complete information about volume 4 is available at

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Ancestry Graphics & Printing has been in business since 2003 providing family tree chart printing services to Genealogy customers nationwide. In addition to family tree printing and their newly released U.S. History Timeline, their site also includes many free downloads of Genealogy forms, family tree clip art, and information about headstone rubbing. They can be found at


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