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Houston Music Opportunities Build in Dramatic Crescendo with Opening of Vivaldi Music Academy

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

Building on a passion formed over 200 years of family history, Zeljko Pavlovic announces the opening of a truly unique music academy, unparalleled both in depth and breadth of content and instruction. The Vivaldi Music Academy (VMA) represents the best for students of all ages with its staff of internationally acclaimed teaching artists, extensive course offerings, flexible class schedule, and performance opportunities.

Responding to a need he saw within the Houston area for superb music education, Pavlovic assembled a team of music professionals whose pedigrees stand out among their peers, from award-winning composers to decorated recitalists, all of whom share his belief that individual and community lives are made better through music. And all of whom want to share their passion and enthusiasm with their students.

Mr. Pavlovic himself is a critically acclaimed violinist who credits his father as his greatest musical influence. He earned a Masters degree in violin performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Liege, Belgium, won various music competitions internationally, and has performed at Carnegie Hall and alongside the Houston Symphony, among other venues. The father of two young children, hes seen the impact that music can have on the individual, the family, and the community and wants to bring that impact to Houston area families.

The Academy has a program for everyone, from the youngest learners whose parents want to lay a foundation and love for music, to adults who may finally have the time to explore a sidelined interest. The Kindermusik Program, founded on the principles of Kodaly, Suzuki, and Orff, is the same highly-regarded program taught world-wide that embraces play, song and dance as mechanisms for social and cognitive development while cultivating a lifelong love of music. For students and their families who prefer individual, group or ensemble lessons, VMA helps define the musical learning objectives and carefully tailors an instruction program that works for the age and interests of the learner.

VMA offers lessons in cello, flute, guitar, piano, viola, violin, and voice across the entire range of ages and styles of music. All lessons are taught by exceptional instructors and performers, whose goals are to build student proficiency and more importantly, student interest, excitement, and enthusiasm. Lessons incorporate not only skills and technique, but also theory and musicality, which are critical elements in both classical and modern music.

Based on the idea that enjoyment of music is the foundation of success in music and in life, Pavlovic has developed a setting and staff to cultivate this pleasure. He feels its essential to offer the flexibility that todays lifestyles demand, with courses tailored to meet an individuals or familys needs, instruction available to start throughout the year, and availability of lessons across a wide range of times and days. Pavlovic anticipates an enthusiastic reception of VMAs debut performance, perfectly timed with the back-to-school mindset of late August. Hes confident that with passion and excitement, Academy students will grow musically and life lessons will be learned, all of which is music to anyones ears. And Zeljko Pavlovic will be applauding from the front row.

For more information please contact Zeljko Pavlovic at 713-858-9617.

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