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How to find my child’s Genealogy when his father is adopted?

Question by Camiecm: How to find my child’s Genealogy when his father is adopted?
I am getting into the whole “geneology” thing, and I have family trees from both sides of my family, however…my son’s father was adopted, and has absolutely no contact with the biological mother or father. I only have the mothers name and state of adoption. And the name is quite common. How do I go about finding my sons family history on his fathers biological side without spending a ton of money?

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Answer by Jacki G
Genealogists have one cardinal approach…start with whatever information you have now and work back. Try the name, do you know a location? Look at census reports, state marriage records, Social Security Death Index, Military, If you have a correct name, you can follow it all over the country, and out. Church & school records, tax records, property deeds, government land grants. But, don’t count on that name as being exact either unless you have a source you can trust. Back in 1900’s, 1800’s, census takers didn’t have computers and many of them were pretty sloppy writers, or spellers.If a name looks close and anything else checks out, date, location, children, occupation, spend some time tracking it back. You just may find your person this way. I have.
Even simpler, get on a good Genealogy website, and just follow the instructions. Ancestry, Family Search, Rootsweb, Check the net for “free Genealogy websites” Find a Mormon Church, go to their Family History Center, there’s no charge & they will help you through all of it.
And, if you do get desperate & find a little extra money, they now do DNA testing to help you find your family.
Genealogy is one of the most frustrating things you can do, but it is also one of the most satisfying.

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