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Latest Social Security Death Index News

Health mandate for all is the fair option
We must determine an equitable way to share those costs. If there's anything more certain than eventual illness, it's death. But Social Security survivors' benefits protect minor children and spouses of deceased workers from abject poverty.
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The Elvis Index: Why the Rich Should Pay a Lot More on Tax Day
Instead of bogging you down with data, we offer you: The Elvis Index. As we've noted before, Elvis had a manager named Col. Tom Parker — who, in the true huckster/promoter spirit, was neither a "Colonel" nor "Tom Parker." (He was a Dutch immigrant.) …
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Last minute tax tips for procrastinators
When entering information on the tax return, including Social Security numbers, take the time to be sure it is correct and easy to read. Also, check only one filing status and the appropriate exemption boxes. Review all figures.
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