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Love, Loss and Life on the Homestead are Profiled in Carol Howell’s ‘Sunset in Kentucky’

COLUMBIA, Missouri (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

My book is a human story, a search for my roots. So says author Carol Walls Howell about her debut novel, Sunset in Kentucky.

Howells book, which follows the journey of a pioneer couple in rural 1830s Kentucky, is a story of family, survival and the challenges we all experience in our lives. Though the setting is bygone, the trials and the joys of real life love, families, striving for a better life, adventure, hardships and good times remain today.

“I wrote Sunset in Kentucky as a story relevant in any time period,” says Howell, who was inspired to write by years of Genealogy research into her own family history. “Lifestyles may change, but some things never do, like the things people do for family, and the lessons learned as those families grow.”

Sunset in Kentucky is the perfect book for anyone who enjoys history and adventure, and is especially relevant to families and couples who face many of the challenges Howell depicts.

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Sunset in Kentucky

By Carol Howell

ISBN: 978-1-4582-0322-9 Softcover, retail price: $ 14.99 Hardcover, retail price: $ 33.95 E-book price: $ 3.99

About the author

Carol Walls Howell was a music teacher and librarian for 22 years. Now retired, she lives with her husband, Carl, on a small farm in Macon, Missouri, where she enjoys researching her Genealogy, gardening, sewing and traveling with her husband.


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