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People Hunters Launches Free Search Tool

Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB) October 27, 2011

At a time when cost and value weigh heavily on the minds of background checkers, and when accuracy couldnt be more important to families looking for lost loved ones, makes a bold entrance by offering traditional and often costly people search information for free. Via People Hunters, performing simple queries no longer poses a financial imposition on those who want to simply find an address, a court ruling, or criminal case number.

According to Brian Howard, owner of, access to any and all publically available information should be entirely costless. We believe things that people want and need to know about others should be as freely searchable as anything else. We currently get our news for free, we get encyclopedic data for free we should therefore be able to access personal information for free, especially when that personal information is our own.

Researching ones own background generally costs some sort of fee no matter where its stored. Whether its kept at a local courthouse or at a company that archives vital birth records, none of it is accessible without a credit card, check or cash deposit. And that can cause a hardship to low-income individuals who have a need to retrieve a piece of their own past.

Take your average senior citizen, for example, continues Brian, who for whatever reason needs a series of bank records, previous addresses, and phone records from ten to twenty years ago. Do you really think he has the financial means to travel to this agency and that agency and then pay for each record along the way?? We show this senior citizen how to access that information free without him having to leave home. And we show everyone else how to do the same., touting simplicity over flash, complements its free service with ease of use. Our free access coupled with simplicity gives people, like the senior citizen we used in our example, the ability to get the records they need straight away without the need for payments and messy forms that you might find at the DMV, the doctors office, or the real estate company. Its a win-win environment for everyone, and its long overdue. shows its visitors how to freely access birth and death records, property data, criminal case numbers, arrest information, divorce filings, and more.


Brian Howard, People Hunters



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