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Search By SSN Part 6 Depending on the information you require, there are both free and fee-based methods for using an Social Security Number to locate a person. The only SSN database available to the public for free is a database containing information on the deceased. To find a living person by SSN you will have to pay money to conduct an SSN online search, hire a personal investigator or, if you’re the employer of the person you’re looking for, you can conduct a Social Security Number Verification. Search the Social Security Death Index for information regarding a deceased person. This is a free service that will allow you to find out information about a person by using their SSN. Simply log on to the SSDI website and input the necessary information in the search field and press the “Submit” button for results. Log on on to an Internet social security number search website. These websites often require you to create an personal account and pay a fee to locate a person using an SSN. Depending on how much information you require, it can be as little as two dollars or as much as 0. Search results are emailed or mailed to you to retain confidentiality. These Internet search databases are an effective means of locating a person with an SSN. Destroy the information you obtain about a person using their SSN by either shredding the documents or permanently deleting the email once you have obtained the information. I found this website that will help you search by social security
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