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The GOP's Unwitting Tax Hikes

The GOP's Unwitting Tax Hikes
It's possible to fix the debt without raising taxes, but for that to happen, Congress would have to eviscerate the three most expensive items in the federal budget: Medicare, Social Security, and defense. But Medicare and Social Security are very …
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Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 17)
Social Security and Medicare are not principles of capitalism. They are part of the socialist framework. Something must be done with them. Congress overextended benefits to beneficiaries who never paid into the funds, making them unsustainable. …

Top political books of 2011; Open Mike, Nov. 24 – 27
The death of the supercommittee means that everyone can now enjoy their Thanksgiving knowing that Congress is not about to cut their Social Security and Medicare. If the 99 percent can keep up the pressure that derailed the supercommittee, …
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